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In Spite of Your Brilliance 

C.K. Williams your long lines exhaust. E. Knight imprisoned, 
you inspire. With you, Kizer, my mind’s analytical.  Oh, Mr. Doty, 
how my dropped jaw aches with awe. I know Lucille Clifton, you’re 
my best friend, so intimate, no-bullshit. 

Galway’s Bear stuns then Mary Oliver soothes 
saying, “You only have to let the soft animal  
of your body/ love what it loves.” Just as astute, dear 
Tess Gallagher, you drown me in my own tears 
and, whomp: Robert Wrigley seeds my dreams 
with charging wolves and snakes. Un-socially 

conscious I cringe, accused by Ruckeyser and Rich, then  
at one-thirty in the morning Hayden Carruth you sit 
at my table weeping for your friend Ray. Dear Ms Levertov;
always you exhilarate, and always, you are the main one but  
Frank O’Hara grabs me in traffic before I cross against the light. 

So crowded you’re nose-diving off my desk, nudging  
for space on my window-seat and squeezing in shelves 
next to the good reading light by the black leather chair. You curl  
with me in bed surrounded by down pillows and stars flirting 
in the window. At rehearsal you watch while I practice 

my lines one more time. Oh robust Faculty;  
as my own words come in torrents, you keep me on course 
but my question is: is this enough? Tell me if I’m on  
or off the path when at this moment I feel like Ted Kooser, 

standing . . . “in the great open dome 
of my heart with no one to tell.”

Mary Oliver Wild Geese, Ted Kooser After Years


Carol Levin is the author of a full volume, Stunned By the Velocity 2012, Pecan Grove Press and chapbooks, Red Rooms and Others, Pecan Grove Press 2009, and Sea Lions Sing Scat, Finishing Line Press, 2007. She won third place in the 2013 String Poet annual contest. Her work has appeared in many journals and anthologies, print and online, such as (and especially nice) Redheaded Stepchild, Raven Chronicles, Verse Wisconsin, The Louisville Review, The Massachusetts Review, Third Coast, The Cortland Review, Two Sylvia's Press: Fire On Her Tongue. As former Literary Manager for The Art Theater of Puget Sound, she translated Chekhov’s four major plays and her work has been widely translated and published in Russia. Levin is an Editorial Assistant at Crab Creek Review and teaches The Breathing Lab / Alexander Technique, in Seattle