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Searching for anyone. Voodoo aircraft. Trying to contact.
Who remembers. My doctor told me. Radiation exposure.
Seeking contact. Trying to find the best man at his wedding.
Seeking anyone who served in. Looking for anyone who
witnessed or experienced trauma due to events that took
place in the village of Uijeongbul at Camp Red Cloud.
I saw a burning body in a kneeling position. I also witnessed
people lighting a hooch on fire with people inside. Searching
for my photograph. Looking for two fellow Marines. I have
something that belongs to you. Army pilot who was shot
down. Dong Ha. Pleiku. Purple Heart. Bronze Star. R & R.
He went Airborne and I went Shake-n-Bake. Doing research
for a book. Searching for anyone who served with my late
brother. Trying to locate anyone. I am about to make a cross-
country trip dedicated to his memory. He needs your help.
PTSD. The Wall. I do not know his name. Six friends.
Looking for anyone who served with me. Looking for a Marine.
Severe sniper fire. Hit. Risked his life. Blue eyes, blond hair.
They later died. Ahn Khe. Medal of Honor. Born in Vicenza,
Italy. Crazy John. Smitty. Transported my dad. I wonder
each Christmas if you made it home. Would like to hear
from anyone. Wounded in action. Does anyone else remember
this project? Seeking anyone who knew. Boxing champion.
Need help to prove that I was in Vietnam. Needs help. Tet.
I have your picture. Let him know his mother died. Columbia.
In search of anyone. My book is published. The VA can't find
any record of my presence in Vietnam. You might remember Satan.


*A found poem from the "Locator" section of the November/December 2012 issue of the Vietnam Veterans of America magazine. All of the phrases are from that issue, approaching 50 years after the war.

Jimmy Pappas served for the Air Force in Vietnam from 1969 to 1970 as an English language instructor. After his service, Jimmy received a Master's degree in English literature from Rivier University. He is a retired teacher whose poems have been published in several journals, including Yellowchair Review, Misfit Magazine, Kentucky Review, Cha: An Asian Literary Journal, Off the Coast, Boston Literary Magazine, The Ghazal Page, and War, Literature and the Arts. He was a recent winner of the national contest for the Poetry Society of New Hampshire (PSNH). He is now a member of the executive board of PSNH.

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