Having Its Way With Me



Now that I have little time 
I get more done 
and when I’m done      
sleep comes 
or if sleep does not come   
I count the sheep of regret 
and regret the murmuration 
of lies and murmur 
of half truths that mean 
truth no longer matters  
in a world in which
matter is transformed.
Clothing comes apart 
at the seams     
morphs into fabric   
unravels into thread      
rewinds itself on spools      
only to be unwound          
warped onto looms          
woven into fabric               
sewn into clothes 
that come apart 
at the seams    
unraveling into thread.
In glaze of almost- sleep
I watch the Fates 
who spin and gauge
can’t see the one who cuts
who is the source 
of this discourse
the reason no reason 
is my state of mind 
and why in this state 
I have little time  
and time is having its way.



Joan Wiese Johannes has published four chapbooks and agrees with the stage manager in Our Town who said only poets and saints truly appreciate life while living it. Hardly a saint, Joan lives a good life in Port Edwards, WI with her poet/artist husband Jeffrey.

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