Me and Steven in Art School

Cutting class

in half

with our wits,

Steven and I march

merrily through rib


We are the best

artists in the goddamn



Steven’s prints make me believe 
my mother is a physicist.

…In studio


in the middle of night, he begs




to                                        kiss


his beautiful…cock…says he’ll do… the same for




I want to…                               




but was taught




is hell bound, 


my father, he’d

never look                               
at me

the same… 


…he already hates me…

for choosing art school.

I refuse to let myself 
if I did.



Justin Blackburn is a Life Coach, Comedian, and Author.  He is author of eight books.  HIs latest, the powerful novel, "The Bisexual Christian Suburban Failure Enlightening Bipolar Blues" is available on his website  

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