Zinnias Yawn or
X Means To Dream Of A Treasure Map
25 titles for poems I wish I could write

Waffle Come Down From Your Lofty Sleep
VCRs Document Impressions You Leave Behind

U-turns End Up Right Back Where You Left Off
Tadpoles, Tassels And Talismen

Saddles Suggest You Should Pursue Your Goals
Run Right After Her—Go Right Ahead

Quack Doctors Forewarn You Should Check Your Doctor’s Creds
Pancakes Are Always A Crowd Pleaser

OMG This Place Is A Fucking Circus
Nightgowns Acknowledge You Were Uncomfortable Last Night

Macaroni Shells Swizzle With
High Tides
Tremble At The Thought Of Exploding Lamps

Katydids Lose Love Due To Their Laid Back Attitude
Jackals Have A Tendency To Feed Off Of Others

Interested Individuals Should Seriously Consider Giving Up
Half The Dream I’m Smoking Half The Dream I’m ______

Game Shows Change The Life Around You
Fairy Tales Fancy Facelift Factories

Emotions Expressed In Dreams Is The Safest Way To Act Out Your Feelings
Deodorant, Dishwater and Ditches

Can Opener Can Do Something
Backgammon Players Seek The Wrong Type Of People

A Boiling Rabbit Absorbs Salt Quickly

Susan Yount was born and raised on a 164-acre farm in
Southern Indiana where she learned to drive a tractor, harvest crops, feed the chickens and hug her beloved goat, Cinnamon. Soon after receiving her BA from Indiana University in Photo-Journalism, she married a physicist and moved to Ohio. While attending Kent State University she worked at the largest flour mill in the northeast where she kept those Accounts Receivables up-to-date (no small feat, that!). Recently moved, she and her husband built a home on the south side of Chicago with a view of the Sears Tower.

In the middle of the upheaval she found time to give birth to a bouncy baby boy! She is the Editor of Arsenic Lobster Poetry Journal and works (for pay!) at the Associated Press. Having begun graduate studies in poetry at
Columbia College in Chicago, she now balances her studies with work, her new home and her delightful toddler. Only Mimi Mousy Tongue knows what Susan will be doing next and she's not talking. Her poetry has appeared in several print and online magazines including Elixir, Bathtub Gin, Wicked Alice, Verse Daily and The Chaffin Journal. Susan is a 2003 recipient of The Lynda Hull Memorial Scholarship in Poetry.

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