To The Rescue Crew


Open me up

with the jaws of life,

you'll find I'm full

of fish: the deep-

sea kind, whose

dewlaps dredge a trench.

Minding their veils  

of milk silt and slime,

my bulge-eyed denizens 

sound their scales.

It's the pressure

does it, and the dark.  

Dorine Jennette's poems, essays, and reviews have appeared or are forthcoming in journals such as the Journal, Ninth Letter, Isotope, Terrain, Memorious, Coconut, Court Green, and the Georgia Review. She earned her PhD at the University of Georgia, where she was the assistant to the editors of the Georgia Review. She now earns her keep as a copyeditor for university presses, including the University of Georgia Press and the University of Pittsburgh Press. She lives with her husband in Davis, California.

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