This Month in Vogue:  gorgeous flamboyant judo throw  


All traces of the workhorse are gone—

hat do leather-broads want?

A strong clinch, boots 

And a thorough beating.
Now, a welterweight choke out: 
the airy swing of houndstooth, 

impertinent click-click. 
Function is irrelevant.  Focus: 
dizzy beauty in blueberry hue, 
score the bout & put the heat on.
A fluff piece: fox sleeve 
as ink-colored shore.
Pair with cheeky spirit,
slap and stomp until bone emerges.  
You will see skin the way we do: 
a new fragrance, a supercream,
a public collection.  Now 
who deserves a lashing? Onward, 
upward.  One man red, 
than the other.  O Octagon, 
win or lose or forehead split—

our hands are faster free style. 



Maggie Glover has recently moved back to her hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  She earned a BA from Denison University and an MFA from West Virginia University, where she was awarded the James Paul Brawner Poetry Award in 2007.  Her poems have appeared in The Journal, Controlled Burn, 32 Poems, Pebble Lake Review and other journals.  

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