Imaginary of ______________

I glint sunlight                       
                                    bringing day and defrost
to a grocery store parking lot
                                    6 a.m. and seagulls warm themselves in dumpsters
fight for rotted fish sticks                 stale bread                old yogurt            
I           cloaked like               some              ethnographer                       
                                         of the real
stand              gleer-eyed                                         early wind stinging
                                    forcing me to blink             to tear-over
and each time                       I see                the same                                yet
                        differently               like  a Viewfinder       
                                    or the optometrist                        asking
“Better one or two?                         One or two?”                       
                        and I have no idea how to answer

Carleen Tibbetts received her B.A. from Loyola Marymount in English/Creative Writing, M.A. from CSU Northridge in English and CW with a Poetry emphasis (thesis was a collection of poetry). She has done everything from sell Sir Ben Kingsley stationery and Adam Sandler popcorn from teaching and tutoring children from kindergarten through freshmen in college. Her favorite artists include Cindy Sherman, Alphonse Mucha, and Gustav Klimt.  She is a make-up aficionado who loves dumbo rats and listening to Cocteau Twins.

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