Her shed skins hang in the web with the desiccated husks of blow-flies
and mosquitoes - shucked off between strings stronger than steel, spun
every night - eaten every morning – invisible, effortless bonds shooting
like glue-strings from a carpenter’s gun. He watches from the roof – his
air-gun pounding zinc nails into rough shingles, his head spinning from
too many drinks and arguments and small remembrances of cornfields, 
– wondering what it might be like to be something other than a man –
how that might feel – to wake and find your skin hanging next to you -
beside the last person you see, her eyes squinting at the rising sun.

Alex Grant's Chains & Mirrors won the 2007 Oscar Arnold Young Award (Best North Carolina poetry collection) and the 2006 Randall Jarrell Poetry Prize. His first full-length collection, Fear of Moving Water, a finalist for a number of national book contests, was released in 2009, and his new collection, The Circus Poems, will be released by Lorimer Press in fall 2010. A Pushcart nominee, he has received the Kakalak Poetry Prize and The Pavel Srut Poetry Fellowship, and his poems have appeared in many national journals, including The Missouri Review, Best New Poets 2007, Arts & Letters, The Connecticut Review and Verse Daily. He lives in Chapel Hill NC, with his wife, his dangling participles and his Celtic fondness for excess. He can be found on the web at;

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