Weather be changed

Fireflies poke holes in the heavy air.
We are blanketed with heat.  The moon
looks weary.  They call this a depression:
indeed the muggy night sucks energy
from our bones till our brains drip.

I am dreaming of cold water silvery
and swift over shivering bare feet.
I am dreaming of a small convenient
glacier puddling icy blue green
milky runoff over me.

I long for a pool size gin and tonic.
Let the dead wind rise again.
Let storm clouds pile up their granite
boulders.  Let the sweet rain come
in fat drops like white roses falling.

How tiresome the sun has become
a guest welcomed and feasted
who has stayed weeks too long.
I want to wring this air like a wet
sock.  Come rain and freshen us all.         


Marge Piercy has published 17 poetry books, including WHAT ARE BIG GIRLS MADE OF, COLORS PASSING THROUGH US, and most recently, THE CROOKED INHERITANCE, all from Knopf. She has written 17 novels including WOMAN ON THE EDGE OF TIME, HE, SHE AND IT, and most recently SEX WARS in Harper Perennial paperback now, as is her memoir SLEEPING WITH CATS.  A CD, LOUDER WE CAN’T HEAR YOU YET, contains her political and feminist poems. Knopf is bringing out a 2nd volume of Selected Poems in April 2011.

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