My Latin Tutor
after Anne Carson

The syllabus was clear
We would begin with the clothed outline
of his body
He would then direct my study
across his chest  then 
downward the totem
of my fascination
Everything I had was everything
kneeled and quickened
As the pages of his body opened before me
I became a reader
and this
was the greatest gift
to become literate before the body


Kevin Simmonds is a writer, musician and photographer originally from New Orleans. His writing and photography appear in Chroma, FIELD, Fuselit, jubilat, Massachusetts Review, Muzzle, Poetry and elsewhere. His debut collection, Mad for Meat, is forthcoming from Salmon Poetry in late 2011. His music has been performed throughout the US, the UK, Japan and the Caribbean and opened the 2006 Poetry International Festival at London's Royal Festival Hall. His latest project, Orient: a new anthropology, a stage work about Asian-Black relations in California, is a continuation of He lives in San Francisco. His website is

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