Mercy, for the Connoisseur of Sugar

Give me this day my daily give me this give me
this day, my daily soaked bread, my analgesic, my
simple syrup, my thimbleful of cure.  Give me needle,
give me grass blade, give me teaspoon, give me vein. 

I just crave to wilt & melt a little morsel more,
a few more sweetened minutes of velvet holiday,
dark forest bliss.  I can’t hurt from in here.  Give
me, give me a goddamn truffle & a cigarette.

I love this green swarming rain, this green syrup light,
this Emerald Beetle light.  Eating me up, eating me
out, cornucopia of sweetmeat.  Do you see this green?
Everything green icing.  I peel the shade, take a peek

a lick.  When planets collide, when planets collide
there is this green.  In the universe sometimes things
go awry.  Beautiful green rain, greedy lime light shine,
dip into this jellied light.  Oh Lord, I’m green, shamrock

green, alien green, clover green, money green. 
My bones are deranged bars of jade. 
Alright, alright; take it; take it back.  It’s only my flesh. 
It’s only rotten cake.  A confection suit.  Worm food.

Did you say something?  I said, did you say something? 
Don’t leave me.  I’m happy as a bowl of batter, did you
say something, what seems to be what
what seems to be the black hole matter with you? 

Jesus Christ this high’s got me by my eyeballs.
Jesus Christ did you say something?  Patty cake, Patty cake.
Jesus Christ, I thought I heard something.  One cube or two?
Jesus Christ is that me I hear Jesus Christ is that me,

if I die before I wake, oh Butcher oh Baker oh Maker. 
There there you are.  Girl on a stove.  The sugar cube ran away
with the spoon.  Bowl of teeth.  Give.  Give it to me.  Luster
of brain pain.  Coveter of numb.  I’m the poison eater: givey. 

Flower Conroy's poetry has appeared in numerous journals including American Literary Review and Serving House Journal.  Her poetry collection Soft Shell, Hard Shell is forthcoming from Rain Mountain Press.  Ms. Conroy is an MFA student at Fairleigh Dickinson University.

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