Coming in out of the storm, only a true
princess loses a night’s sleep--

sensitive to a common
dried, black-eyed pea hidden beneath

a pile of swan’s down mattresses.
Just so, my queen, will

parliamentary gerrymandering
bruise you and an attempted coupe

send you weeping to your bed.
Better for the true prince to marry a common

woman who knows that a pea is a pea
and a swan’s down mattress is bad

for your back-- a common woman who sleeps
soundly while the hapless storms flail on around her.

Trina Gaynon, a graduate of University of San Francisco’s M.F.A. program, volunteers with WriteGirl, an organization in Los Angeles which provides workshops and mentors for young women in high school who are interested in writing. She also works with an adult literacy program. Recently, her poems have appeared in Natural Bridge, Cloudbank, Midwest Literary Review, and the anthology Knocking at the Door.

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